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A utility that restricts the access of Facebook from internet browsers

A utility that restricts the access of Facebook from internet browsers

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Program license: Free

Program by: SecurityXploded

Version: 4.0

Works under: Windows


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Block access to Facebook with Facebook Blocker for Windows.

Facebook Blocker blocks all access to Facebook from your browser and locks access with a password. It's the perfect solution for parents, employers, or even freelancers that want to cut down on how much time they’re spending on Facebook.

The app is easy to use and all you have to do is click the “Block Facebook” button to get started. You can set a timer for the app to automatically disable or just let it run for as long as you need.

This app will block all access to Facebook, not just the main site. Many people will use the mobile version of the site or a foreign version to get around blocks but that won’t work with this program – whoever is trying to unblock Facebook will have to be a serious tech wizard to bypass the program.

On the flipside, there is no automatic blocking feature available; this means that you won’t be able to automatically turn Facebook access on and off during a certain part of the day or schedule different access on different days of the week. Another problem is that you’ll have to restart your browser when you start Facebook Blocker, and restart it again when you stop blocking Facebook. If you're working with multiple machines you might want to find another app.

Aside from a couple minor issues, this blocker works pretty well and will fit the bill for most uses. Keep in mind that no blocker will be 100% fool-proof though; if there’s a will to defeat a piece of software someone will always find a way.


  • Block Facebook with Just One Click With Facebook Blocker you’ll be able to block Facebook by tapping the “Block” button – unblocking the website is just as simple, too!
  • Blocks All of Facebook, Even Foreign and Mobile Versions Unlike some Facebook Blockers, this program will block all access to the site, even the mobile and foreign language versions.
  • Great for Both Parents and Employers This site can be used by parents trying to cut down on screen time as well as employers and freelancers that want to boost productivity during work hours.
  • Password Protect Your Block You can easily password protect your block to prevent yourself or others from either accidentally or purposefully turning off the block.


  • No Automatic Blocking Available While you do have a timer that can lock out Facebook for a certain amount of time, there is no daily or weekly scheduling of the block; this means you’ll have to set it manually each time.
  • You’ll Have to Restart Your Browser Every time you want to enable the block you’ll need to restart your browser; this won’t be a problem for some users but if you’re using it consistently throughout the day it can get annoying fast.